The Ins and Outs of Home Design in 2024

Dated: February 6 2024

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What home improvement projects should you take on this year? After crunching the latest data from Thumbtack, a home services website, design expert Morgan Olsen chimes in with her picks for the “ins” and “outs” of the new year.

IN: Smarter homes


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Engineering and technical design services have jumped 105% year over year as more homeowners seek to invest in smart-home upgrades. This may include everything from remotely controlled appliances to smart thermostats and light installations. Olsen predicts these installations will continue to be “hot” in 2024, with homeowners interested in adding convenient and cost-efficient capabilities to their everyday lifestyle.

OUT: Climate change destroying homes

Climate change has been blamed on bringing more unpredictable weather to cities across the U.S., from historic floods to devastating tornadoes. Many homeowners are investing in upgrades and repairs to keep their houses immune to nature’s wrath. Home waterproofing is up 86% year over year, foundation repairs have risen 64%, window installations and repairs are both up 53%, and general structural engineering services are up 61%.

IN: Scented design

Scented candles

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Olsen believes a room’s scent will become a key design feature for homeowners. Much like a new mirror or accent chair, scent is strongly influencing design aesthetics in 2024. Odor removal requests are up 46% from a year ago, according to Thumbtack data.

OUT: White

The maximalist, grandma-chic style will reign supreme in 2024, as more homeowners get louder with the colors and patterns they choose to decorate their home. Instead of all-white homes, Olsen predicts more tans and almonds, ushering back in the brown feel that took over the 2010s. On the other hand, some homeowners are ditching paint entirely—paint removal is up 60% compared to a year ago—and turning to other materials, like wooden accents, to switch up their home’s design.

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